Ezvid Free Video Editing and Screen Capture

Ezvid is a free downloadable screen capture and video editing package which would seem to be ideal for the occasional user.

ezvid screen capture

Ezvid claims to be exceptional due to the power of its cutting-edge effects and features which include voice recording, facecam, voice synthesis, screen drawing, and speed control making it an affordable, (free), all-in-one solution for video making videos which are suitable for entertainment and information videos.

Operating with a single click, you can record your screen using Ezvid, and capture whatever is showing on your computer screen. This includes Web pages, games, applications, graphics and paint programs, maps and a lot more besides. Once you’ve captured what you need you can edit your video and then save it for use later on. alternatively you can upload it directly to your YouTube channel or other video host.

Ezvid makes the most of your computer’s power in order to create sharp, high resolution movies of whatever you wish. These videos can then be nonlinearly edited to make speed changes, re-arrange the contents and sequences, add text effects, image slides, and a lot more thus enabling you to create a video in minutes than the hours it would have taken before.

What’s more, Ezvid is FAST as it not only uses the latest C++ binaries in order to take advantage of todays state of the art multi-core CPUs and video cards, but Ezvid also has been designed to increase the speed of your screen recording workflow and video editing.

There is an auto-save function built-in as well as an easy to use YouTube uploader which, together with many other features, means that Ezvid leaves the competition far behind.

Ezvid has an elegant screen drawing function which allows you to draw directly on your screen. This ability, combined with Ezvid’s ability to record an individual region of the screen means that you can create effective screencasts with ease.

Since its initial release in early 2012 Ezvid has been downloaded more than three million times. It has been used to make millions of videos which can be found on YouTube and elsewhere. Ezvid has proved to be popular with players of Minecraft and other viral online games. Since its debut on the scene it quickly became dominant as the screen recorder and video editor of choice.

Ezvid plans to release more amazing features soon so be sure to visit their website from time to time and stay up-to-date.

Ezvid is a free download so there is no good reason I can think of for not giving it a try. It’s not the only player in this game but it is popular and it would be silly not to give it a go.


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