Content Samurai is a new video creation package from the makers of Market Samurai, a long-established and firm favourite Keyword Research Tool. It is always good to see new products coming out of software companies that you know and trust and, although we are not yet in a position to do a Content Samurai review, we hope to be able to do so soon, once we’ve really put it through its paces.

Content Samurai enables you to create videos for almost any purpose using content that you already have, such as blog posts, articles and other content. You simply paste in the text and Content Samurai chunks it up and creates slides from it. Once you have the slides you simply add any images, videos and other content and the video is ready to have its soundtrack added, if you want one.

The Content Samurai magic really kicks in here because it presents each slide separately and lets you record the commentary for those slides one by one making it an easy task for even the most camera shy user to produce a professional sounding audio track.

It’s quite clear now that Google and other search engines regard video content on a website as being essential to gaining good ranking in the search results so even the smallest of enterprises needs to up their game if they do not already have video content. Time and cost considerations have proved to be a barrier to this is the past but Content Samurai could very well prove to be the answer – professional quality video at minimal cost and with a minimum of effort – often using articles, blogs and other content that you already have!

The key element here is the ability to use other content that you already have to hand, or which you can get hold of quickly, such as blog posts and articles, in order to produce your own videos in a very short space of time and with very little effort.

We’ve subscribed for our own use and in order to be able to produce a Content Samurai review in due course. In the meantime why not find out how Content Samurai could transform your site’s content by putting a little video into the mix?

Here’s a link where you can see the introductory video, (very informative and, frankly, a bit of an eye-opener), and if you do decide to give it a go there’s a nice discount on offer as well.






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