Supermetrics For Google Drive – Analytics & Reporting

Supermetrics produce a suite of interface products that enable you to automatically extract data from a number of sources and import them into your Google Sheets. There is also a version for Excel. If you use, or would like to use, spreadsheets to analyse and monitor the progress of your digital marketing strategy then Supermetrics could be the one for you!

If, like me, you need to produce a lot of reports for clients or management which draw data from a number of different sources then you know how time consuming all of that can be. If it were possible to import all, or most, or the data you need automatically then that would be worth paying for, in my humble opinion.

Well, that’s what Supermetrics does, check out the short video overview below.

A few things to bear in mind. Firstly, this is not a tool for the beginner – you will need to be reasonably competent in the use of spreadsheets and formulas before you are able to get the best, or indeed anything, from Supermetrics. It does the heavy lifting for when it comes to interfacing with the sources of your data but you still need to have a good grasp of what is going on once the data is extracted and delivered to your spreadsheet. There is a small library of example templates that you could use as a starting point.

The other significant point to consider is, does Supermetrics actually support the package(s) and formats in which your data is crated and stored? There is a list of included integrations and it does include most of the usual suspects, but not all. My own notable omission, and the one which would stop me from using it more extensively, is the lack of integration with Infusionsoft, you should check to see if your chosen packages are on the supported list, which is as follows, (as at 15/09/2016):

Supermetrics supported packages

So if your data sources are supported and you have $49/month available in the budget (Pro version) then I’d certainly recommend you have a closer look at Supermetrics. There’s a free 30 day trial with access to all the features and, after that, if you decide not to proceed you can still keep a free account that has access only to Google Analytics data.


Where To Find It
Product Type
Data Integration with Google Sheets
Paid, Various Options, plus limited free account
Free Trial Available
Yes – 30 days with full feature access
From $49/month.


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