Flexible Phone Call Tracking With PhoneWagon

PhoneWagon is an affordable way to track incoming phone calls to your business and reporting on them with Google Analytics thereby enbling you to see how important they are to your overall marketing strategy.

Anyone who knows me will know that I am true Google Analytics fan, I use it all the time and can’t imagine running a marketing campaign, especially one which involves paid elements such as Goole Ads, without proper tracking and reporting being set up. Incoming phone call data is dificult to track with Analytics but often this can be an important, if not the main, component of your inbound traffic. For that reason I am pleased to see that there are now more choices available to businesses who receive calls but cannot be sure as to their origin and therefore develop a strategy to get more of them.

Phonewagon is a phone call tracking platform that could change your ability to track activity generated by your campaigns at an affordable price that makes call tracking a no brainer, it really is well worth considering if inbound calls are important to your business.

The first thing that struck me is the versatility of this software, in particular how you can allocate phone numbers to the site as a whole or different numbers to different sources, campaigns, keywords and so on.

Phonewagon can accomodate local, toll-free and international numbers in any mix. Setting up a new number takes only a few minutes and it is up and running.

Accurate Call Tracking Data to help with Marketing Strategy Decisions

If I am spending good money on ads, or indeed any lead generation activity, I need to know which ads are working, with which keywords, and which are not. PhoneWagon integrates with Google Analytics to tell me just that. With this level of data at your disposal it becomes much easier to build highly effective campaigns.

PhoneWagon call tracking

Keyword-Level Tracking

With PhoneWagon you can optimize your Google Ads campaigns by seeing phone calls and text messages as conversions down to the keyword-level. Turn off expensive keywords that aren’t converting and increase spend on keywords that do convert.

PhoneWagon Pricing

There’s a 14 day free trial for you to evaluate the package and see just how useful it can be as part of a well thought out marketing strategy. Compared to other call tracking packages it is also fairly priced with the entry level plan giving you 5 numbers to track and up to 500 call minutes for just $49.



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