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Top 5 Keyword Research Tools

There are many different Keyword Research Tools for the would-be digital marketer to choose from, some free, some paid-for. We've used most of them at some time or another so here is our list of the best Keyword Research Tools.


Market Samurai

Apr 16, 2016

Still regarded by many to be the de-facto standard for keyword research and fully deserving its immense popularity, Market Samurai is a useful tool that can save you many hours of work when trying to identify the right keywords to optimise your content for or to build a PPC campaign.
It has its problems but, for the money, its a no-brainer and well worth the relatively small investment.

Aug 07, 2019 - - 3

Keysearch is a paid-for research tool that provides much more than the usual regurgitated Google AdWords Keyword Planner data. You can do that, of course, but you also have access to YouTube search data, (also provided by Google, of course), Amazon, Ebay and the publishers own extensive database. In addition to keyword research you also have a handy rank tracking tool and a competitor analysis function. Great value @ $23.80 for the basic "Pro" plan.
The best thing about this package, for me, is the presentation. Check out the Free Trial and see for yourself: []


Longtail Pro

Apr 16, 2016

Longtail Pro is another popular and very versatile Keyword Research tool that is definitely worth a look. Now fitted with lots of new features and easier to use than before, Longtail Pro makes keyword research much less arduous than ever before and it is reasonable priced on a monthly or annual subscription plan.


Keyword Canine

Apr 16, 2016

Jon Leger's Keyword Canine is a revelation when it comes to keyword research with the minimum of effort. If I'm doing a big keyword research task this is almost always the one I turn to and it has never let me down. A real winner of a Keyword Research tool and reasonably priced on an annual or monthly plan basis. Read the full review here and see how it fares in the "clash of the titans" keyword research tool scrum as described here


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