Using Facebook Ads to Grow Your Local Business

While you may see mostly ecommerce or national brands in your newsfeed, Facebook ads can be just as effective for local businesses if you use them right.

A Real Case Study in Generating Leads Using Facebook Ads

In this free podcast from Digital Marketer headquarters, Molly Pittman is joined by Allie Bloyd, the marketer for a local home renovation company in Louisville, Kentucky. Allie is making 7-figures annually from $5,000–$7,000 in ad spend on Facebook. In this episode, she explains her audience targets, the copy she uses, and how she’s using Messenger campaigns to fill live events.

  • The content Allie is using to target cold leads—value driven, free or opt-in content based around initial home improvement FAQ’s
  • When to place your “Schedule An Appointment” campaign in your retargeting strategy
  • How she divides her ad spend among audiences—60% cold, 30% warm, and 10% hot
  • How to use copy to show that your business is local
  • How she’s built her comment-to-Messenger campaigns and the eight days of content subscribers receive


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