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Thinkific is an all-in-one platform for creating, running and, if you want, selling, online training courses.

Thinkific has been designed to offer all of the facilities required by Small and Medium Sized Enterprises or businesses (SMEs) when it comes to creating and running online training courses. Courses may be needed for training staff, handling induction processes or for training customers how to use your product. Some businesses may wish to sell their courses and this platform handles that too.

Normally, in order to do all of the above you would have needed to get yourself a course building tool such as Adobe Captivate and then arrange a Learning Management System (LMS) on which to host the courses and manage students as they use them and manage their progress. There’s nothing wrong with that and if you need something as powerful as Captivate then you are probably still going to have to do it that way but Thinkific provides all of those facilities in a single platform – and probably at a lower cost.

It’s worth pointing out that Thinkific is an all-in-one platform which means that, not only do you build and run your courses on their system but please be aware that they also handle the hosting too – so you can’t put the courses on your own site. worth bearing in mind when you are planning your strategy.

Let’s just say straightaway that Thinkific is not as powerful as Captivate, in my opinion, but to be honest, it isn’t far off and it seems to have most of the day-to-day facilities you will need unless you are delivering high-end technical training and, even then, it could probably handle most of that too.

I create a lot of training materials myself and that’s why thinkific really caught my eye. I haven’t done the full Thinkific Review yet but my intitial impressions have been very favourable.

There’s a free account option for you to try for yourself and see what Thinkific has to offer and I would strongly recommend that – it’s not just a limited period trial, you can run it as a free account for as long as you wish but you will probably find it necessary to upgrade to a paid account in the future if you become a serious user. Even then the pricing is very reasonable with monthly plans starting at $49/month.

This may be the one solution you need to handle your training needs – give it a try, theres a link below to the free account setup.

<a href="">Thinkific Online Course Software</a>


Where To Find It
Product Type
Training Course Platform
Paid, Various Options plus Free acount option
Free Trial Available
N0 РFree acount available
Entry Level Plan Free, Paid plans start at $49

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