Vaizle – Social Media Management & Analytics

Vaizle – Social Media Analytics & Competitor Monitoring 

Vaizle is a Social Media monitoring, analytics and reporting platform that lets you monitor your Social Media performance against that of your competitors. Currently it is restricted to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with YouTube available only on the “Pro” plan costing $169/month. I’m not sure who decided that YouTube was a social media platform but whoever did so was misguided – it isn’t. I would have thought that LinkedIn would have been more important than YouTube, as that really is a social media platform, but there’s no sign of that yet.

Nonetheless, in the sense that a YouTube channel should form part of most businesses’ marketing strategy, the availability of up-to-date metrics for your YouTube channel is welcome

I chanced upon Vaizle on Appsumo where it was on offer for a while. That particular offer is now finished but the platform still merits your attention because, despite its limited scope in terms of supported sites, it does have some very strong features which will prove useful to marketers at all levels.

Vaizle does all the heavy lifting with your social media data and translates it into actionable tips that you can use daily to improve your social media performance. It gives you daily insights across multiple variables in the form of graphs, charts, metrics and daily tips. The real strength of the software lies in its reporting which really sets it apart from other packages in its price band.

Get analysis and interpretation of your social media data with Vaizle

Learn what that data means for your business and how it compares you against your competitors. This is useful stuff and it is presented in easily digestible formats suitable for every level within your organisation.

Vaizle enables you to choose the competitors you want to monitor and perform competitive analysis in a matter of minutes. See which hashtags and what type of posts are working best for your competitors and use the insights to respond quickly with your own social media efforts.

A range of plans to suit all types of organisation.

Vaizle uses a monthly plan model and starts with their entry level plan at $29 which covers Facebook and Instagram. Adding Twitter to the mix would involve moving up to the next level @ $69/month although this also includes other features as well.

Check out Vaizle here: – you will also find the $6.90 offer for 30 days trial on that link.

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No – small charge for first month $6.90


Plans start at $29/month (Essentials).


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