Union Metrics provides the analytics and research capability every marketing team needs in order to put together an effective social media marketing strategy and inform day-to-day performance and activity on the main social media platforms.

Union Metrics social Media Analytics

With the tools and reporting capabilities included you can monitor your owned social media and cary out analysis on your performance. You can measure and optimize your visibility and effeciveness  on the main social media platforms in order to more effectively expand the reach of your posts, Tweets and other activity.

Union Metrics comes with a comprehensive campaign reporting module and it is easy to track your social media marketing campaigns in order to improve your performance. You can spread the word about how you are doing with Union Metric’s beautiful reports for management, clients and other stakeholders

Social Listening is a breeze with Union Metrics enabling you to analyse brand and industry conversations as they happen so that you can identify relevant and important content (good or bad), and learn who the main influencers are in your market.

Competitive analysis is also well catered for by Union Metrics so that you can stay ahead of your competitors by monitoring and analysing their social media activity and measuring their performance compared to your own.

Social Media research becomes more pleasurable and accurate with Union Metric’s historical data enabling you to uncover audiences for your own product campaigns, and to find relevant content to help with planning your social media marketing strategy.

All of the above is good, very good, but it comes at a price. Add to this the fact that the service currently only covers Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the noticable absence of Pinterest and LinkedIn, and you may well have to do the sums to see whether you are going to get everything you need – LinkedIn is certainly an important part of many of my campaigns right now and the ability to compare performance there with other platforms would be very useful.

Having said that, there is a free trial so it’s worth signing up, no credit card needed, and taking a look around. Paid plans start at $99/month so the offer of a demo first might be worth taking up. There are other players in this game, True Social Metrics and RivalIQ being just two worth a look and SimplyMeasured if you want a more sophisiticated, and powerful, approach – at a higher price, of course.

Union Metrics

Where To Find It
Product Type
Social Media Management
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes, limited free acccount
Entry-level plan $99


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