Tweriod – Twitter Marketing Optimiser

Tweriod is a free application to help you to make sure that your Tweets are seen by as many people as possible – without resorting to paid advertising.

Many businesses Tweet away merrily in the belief that someone out there is actually reading their Tweets and benefiting from their wisdom. We’ve all been told that there is business to be had out there in Social Media land, and there is – but you’re not going to see any of it if that’s all you do!

Even your followers may not see your Tweet if you post it at a time when they are not online or when they are doing something else – like working!

Tweriod works by fetching a list of followers from your Twitter account and analysing their last 200 tweets. Having done this,  based on the times that they normally Tweet your reports will be produced.

Tweriod Twitter Marketing Optimiser

The reports that you get, once everyting is set up, are very useful in enabling you to plan your Tweeting activity to produce more interactions from your followers. Here’s an example report:

Tweriod sample report

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If you are using high volumes of data or have a lot of followers, (the free account lets you have up to 1,000 followers) then you may need one of their premium accounts which start at $4.99 for up to 4,999 followers.

If you intend to try and get Social Media Marketing to really perform for your business then this level of analysis is pretty much essential so I’d recommend that you give the free account a try and see just how powerful this type of data can be.


Where To Find It
Product Type
Twitter Tweeting Time Optimiser
Paid, Various Options & a free account for up to 1K followers.
Free Trial Available
From $3.99/month, up to 4,999 followers.


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