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ManageFlitter is a well established and popular Twitter management platform that could prove invaluable to anyone who has made Twitter an important part of their Digital Marketing Strategy.

By combining the already widely available ability to post Tweets automatically with enhanced Twitter Analytics, Content Marketing and multiple account, (Persona) management, ManageFlitter goes beyond that which is possible with much better known packages like Hootsuite and Buffer which handle not just Twitter but FaceBook and LinkedIn as well, plus many others.

ManageFlitter Twitter Marketing

One of the favourite tactics of social Media Marketers is to follow people who are relevant to your business in the hope that those people will notice that you have followed them and follow you back.

The problem is that finding relevant people to follow can be difficult and time consuming. That’s something that ManageFlitter can help you with. The ManageFlitter Search tools enable you to carry out deep discovery into Twitter’s universe and filter out what you don’t want by keywords, followers, account age, location etc.

Using that technique alone, as an integral part of your digital marketing strategy, can grow your Twitter following and generate traffic to your website which should convert to sales over a period of time, given that the right digital marketing automation and contact nurturing processes are in place.

Although ManageFlitter is a great tool for those who wish to manage their Twitter marketing themselves, upgrading to their Business plans open up the availability of Manage~Flitter RAM, (Remote Account Management) which is a way to outsource some of the following or unfollowing work to ManageFlitter specialists rather than do it yourself.

The Analytics are the only area where I have some concerns as I cannot be sure from the information given that it is sufficiently in-depth to meet the needs of serious heavy-duty social media marketers. In particular I cannot see a facility to compare your own performance against that of your competition and, without that, most marketing data is next to useless – you could be doing really well but that’s no use if your competitors are doing even better.

It also isn’t clear from the content on the ManageFlitter website whether their platform includes management and reporting on Twitter ads. For those who make use of Twitter’s various paid options, it could be inconvenient if you had to use yet another platform to do that.

I suppose I have to also raise the wisdom of having a package that only manages Twitter when for most people, their digital marketing strategy will also include Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and probably many other Social Media platforms.

In terms of price it all seems reasonable enough, provided that you are in need of a Twitter marketing only service, which, I appreciate, many people will be. There is a free plan but it doesn’t do much so looking at the paid options will mean you have a starting point of $12/month for one account and it goes up from there quite steeply. As I said, if Twitter marketing is at the centre of your digital marketing strategy and needs a high level of management then ManageFlitter could well be the right tool for you. If it isn’t, then you may need to look elsewhere.


Where To Find It
Product Type
Twitter Marketing Platform
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – 14 days plus limited free account
From $12/month.


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