Crowdbooster – Social Media Marketing & Analytics – Now Defunct

Editor’s note: This site now seems to have been closed and the service withdrawn. We are leaving the listing up as an archive piece for reference.

Crowdbooster is a social media marketing and analytics platform, supplied on a subscription basis and offers real-time analytics from Facebook and Twitter.

What most marketers need to know, when monitoring their progress in achieving the objectives they have set in their digital marketing strategy, is “how are we doing” – right?

Of course it’s right. There’s no point in investing time and money into Social Media marketing campaigns, or any other kind of marketing campaign, unless you can be sure that it is working and producing great results. In the case of Twitter and Facebook, those platforms do provide a basic level of analytics free of charge but what if you want to dig deeper or examine that data in more detail?

That’s when you need to start looking at platforms like Crowdbooster who claim to be able to deliver real-time in-depth analytics from both Twitter & Facebook and who give you a toolbox of reporting and other options to really extract the value from that real-time data.

Crowdbooster social media marketing

Crowdbooster – Realtime Twitter analytics at a glance

Crowdbooster is much more than an analytics platform however and offers a range of other facilities, take a  look at the following screenshot:

Crowdbooster social media marketing options

Social Media post scheduling and optimising, (find the best time to Tweet), identifying those followers who interact with you the most, reporting and, very interesting and well-worth exploring, a “recommendations” function which helps you to monitor your social media “buzz” and recommends suitable actions that you might take. This tool alone could save hours each day for the busy social media marketer.

As to the price of this level of sophistication, there’s a free 30 days trial but they will take your card details so take care not to overrun if you don’t want to subscribe after the trial. Crowdbooster plans start at $9/month for a single account and go up from there according to the number of accounts you want to monitor.

There are two things which disappointed me about Crowdbooster, despite their analytics and recommendations functionality being very useful and of great interest to social media marketers.

The first disappointment is that their scope is very limited. Many marketers need to use social media platforms other than Facebook and Twitter but they will find that Crowdbooster does not support them and doesn’t seem to have a timetable in which to do so.

Secondly, and I’m sorry if you have read any of my other reviews and heard the same argument, it all very well to know how well you are doing on Social Media, and everywhere else that you spend your marketing time and budget, BUT – if you don’t know how well you are doing in comparison to your competitors you are, ultimately, no better off.

Crowdbooster doesn’t seem to have any facility to enable me to compare my Social Media performance against that of other players in my market and that’s a major omission in my opinion. It may be worth trying to extend the budget and consider other platforms that do have this facility such as True Social Metrics, RivalIQ or SimplyMeasured.


Where To Find It
Product Type
Social Media Marketing & Analytics
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – 30 days
From $9/month.


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