is a social media management platform designed to enable its users to “drive traffic, increase fan engagement, grow followers & likes and save time on social media.”

With a subscription to you can manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest relationships more effectively, you can easily manage multiple profiles when you need them, schedule your  posts/tweets, identify and focus on your influencers & customers, identify who to follow and unfollow and work out the best content to tweet or post, and when. claims to have over 1 million satisfied users today but I don’t know of anyone using it, satisfied or otherwise, as yet.

Which, of course, means nothing. There are many social media management and social media marketing services out there and it is by no means surprising that I don’t know anyone that uses any particular one of them.

So what, exactly, does have to offer? social media community management

Prioritize your Twitter tasks

With you can easily and quickly identify valuable people in your Twitter community that you were neglecting to engage because of all the noise in your stream. This is a valid statement because, as your following grows, it can become difficult to spot the ones who can do you good, or harm, and deal with them accordingly. dashboard

Identify valuable members sorts people in your social media community into 3 groups, as follows: Influencers, Supporters & Engaged Members. Which, if any, of these categories someone is put into is largely decided by their by their followers/following ratio, their engagement history, and the number of retweets & brand mentions they receive.

Send Scheduled Weekly Tweets

Use the Weekly Tweets function to thank your top three most engaged followers every week.

Free Twitter analytics

Use the dashboard to see actionable insights about your Twitter followers & monitor and measure your own social media marketing efforts.

Have you noticed how everything above is, let say, a little Twitter-centric? Well, I have. Although claims to be available on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram the website only goes into detail about Twitter.

Even the pricing panels for the “Pro” and “Business” options, which are, somewhat quirkily, the same price @ $19.99/month, only mention twitter. The more expensive “Business Plus” plan mentions “social profiles” instead of Twitter profiles so I suspect you are ging to have to fork out for that, at a more substantial $34.99 if you want to include more than just Twitter in your social media marketing campaign.

Despite having one of the most obtuse and, frankly, confusing websites I’ve ever seen, is probably a good product, well worth considering, if you use social media to any extent. I think they probably do also work with platforms other than Google but have’nt got around to updating their website to refelct that fact. The blog was also devoid of any information about other socila media platforms.

Also, can I make one further point for anyone thinking of developing a social media management platform like this, we don’t need another scheduled post facility. Everyone and their aunty has one and we’re good, thanks, go develop something we really need. – it’s a bit Twittery but it’ s probably worth taking the free 14 day trial in order to evaluate it properly. Here’s the link.

Where To Find It
Product Type
Social Media Management/Marketing Tool
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – 14 days
Plans starting at $19.99/month


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