AdEspresso Facebook Ads Manager

AdEspresso is an ad management platform for Facebook ads. It is brought to you by the nice people at Hootsuite. If you use Facebook ads as an important part of your marketing efforts then this is a Facebook Ads Manager tool that you will want to consider carefully.

AdEspresso does some really cool stuff but it comes at a price so I suppose the main consideration for many people will be to decide whether it adds enough to the capabilities of the free-of-charge Facebook Ads Manager to justify the not-insignificant price, which comes by way of a monthly subscription.

There is a lot more to AdEspresso than just managing Facebook Ads, although that’s its primary function. In particular, you gain access to a host of ad creation and scheduling tools.


Don’t create one Facebook Ad – Create lots, it’s easy with AdEspresso

Functions which you are likely to find much easier with AdEspresson include Split-Testing and the creation and management of custom Facebook audiences.

Facebook custom audiences

Creating and managing Facebook Custom Audiences is much easier with AdEspresso

Once you have created your ads and your campaigns have started to run, the Optimisation features within AdEspresso are likely to be very useful for you.

AdEspresson Facebook Ad Optimisation

AdEspresso’s comprehensive and powerful Ad Optimisation tools

Facebook Ad Scheduling with AdEspresso is very easy and effective due to their “DayParting” tool.

AdEspresson Dayparting tool

Show your Facebook Ads at the right time, every time, with AdEspresso

Another powerful feature is the ability to plan and visualise where and how your ads will be placed.

AdEspresso Facebook Ad placement tool

Place your Facebook ads effectively with AdEspresson’s placement tool

If you are a regular and serious user of Facebook ads then this is a tool that will save you lots of time and help prevent wasted budget due to ineffective campaigns. AdEspresso is a monthly subscription, starting at  $49/month for ad spends of up to $3000/month. If your ad spend increases however, the hike is a big one – AdEspresso takes a giant leap upwards and wants to charge you $149/month for up to $10,000 monthly ad spend so be sure to bear that in mind.

Notwithstanding price considerations, this is a useful and powerful tool that will save a lot of time for those users who need it. There’s a 14 day free trial so why not give it a try – heres the link. With Hootsuite behind it, AdEspresso is likely to be a tool that you can invest in and rely on for a long time to come.



Where To Find It
Product Type
Facebook Ad Manager
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – 14 days
From $49/month.

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