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Slideshop is a great idea that has been effectively made real by a team of talented designers and, no doubt, a team of first class marketing and technical colleagues. Collectively they have put together the most comprehensive and impressive library of slide show templates I have ever seen with ready to run examples for almost every business or other requirement you can think of.

Their templates are organised into categories and, once you subscribe, you can browse the thumbnails, take a sneek peek and sample slides from within the set, until you find the one you want. 

With access to this enormous resource you can effectively communicate your objectives and performance with professionally designed  presentation templates, slides, and data visualization tools. Slideshop claim to have in excess of 90k+ professional presentation templates and tools, plus a library of over 300k Stock Images.

Slideshop – Pricing & Plan Details

There isn’t an option of a free demo with this product, and I think I can understand why. Once you have downloaded a template with all its image and graphics collateral, its yours. Its on your drive and can’t be touched by nyone other than yourself or your team, SlideShop can’t get it back if you decide not to subscribe once the trial is over. This is one ocasion when a free trial is not appropriate – they do however provide a free sample download so you can see an example of what you would get if you took out a plan. That’s probably enough for most people to see the quality of the product on offer.

There’s only one option quoted on the website, $49/month if paid annually or $79 if paid monthly – quite a saving for the annual plan.

I suppose my slight reluctance to recommend Slideshop unconditionally is that the plans do not reflect the real world usage of this type of product. Imagine that you need to produce a slide deck, your company or organisation has a standard “look and feel” so you have limited scope to use non-standard templates. If no such restrictions apply then SlideShop will give you plenty of choice but, again, once you’ve found the look that you were seeking you’ve got it and will probably stick with it for a while so paying a subscription every month may seem overkill and a bit of a waste. What you could do, of course, is join for a month and get it all done during that period. 


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Plans start at $49/month if you pay annually.


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