SheerSEO is an all-in-one SEO tools platform that gives webmasters and marketers a wide range of SEO tools for a very reasonable monthly fee.

SheerSEO does have most of the “normal” facilities to be found in this kind of subscription service, with the exception of an SEO Audit Tool and a keyword research module. That’s a shame because SheerSEO is good value for money and would be even more so if there was an SEO Audit tool included. It would also give users less of a reason to go elsewhere but, in my case, that would be inevitsble since I carry out an SEO Audit for all of my clients, at least once a month.

As to the lack of a Keyword Research Tool, well, that’s baffling. The number one must-have facility for most SEO and PPC practitioners is not there – many people will dismiss SheerSEO out of hand for this omission.

On the other hand, however, SheerSEO does offer some facilities that you don’t often find in these all-in-one platforms. In particular there is a directory submission tool which, if used carefully, (most of the directories listed are of limited , or no, SEO value), could be a useful accessory for many users.

The other very noticable thing about SheerSEO is the fact that they will give you a free 60 day trial, yes, 60 days! I’ve never seen that before – some miserly platform owners limit their trials to as little as 7 days which is nowhere near enough to properly evaqluate a product or service with a large number of options. For this reason alone I’d have to say, “why not give SheerSEO a go – at the very least you’ll get 60 days of free SEO tools usage”. Not bad at all!

The downside however is that, for some reason I’ll never understand, they have taken most of the useful facilities out of the free trial – they clearly don’t really understand the nature of the “freemium” model – let people taste whats on offer, all of it, and in doing so whet their appetite so that they will want to buy more. You often can’t decide whether to buy something that you haven’t tried. Close – but no cigar!


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