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SEnukeTNG is the latest update to a long-standing Digital Marketing Toolkit that is kept in the secret top drawer of many an online marketer.

Why keep it a secret? Well, some of the things that SEnukeTNG is very good at are frowned upon by Google and those who live their lives according to the teachings of the mighty one.

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Bottom line, SEnukeTNG does lots of things that you will find to be very useful but what it really specialises in is the automation of procuring and building backlinks from other websites in order to boost your ranking in Google’s search results.

There, I’ve said it. This is a tool for those who take SEO very seriously. It needs to be handled with care or you could do all sorts of damage with it. On the other hand, used properly and, preferably, under the watchful eye of an experienced SEOer, this is the equivalent to that naughty supergun than the Iraq government tried to pass off as nothing more than a big pipe for a chemical factory.

In addition to Link Building there are tools for Local SEO and a unique “CrowdSearcher” module which is, to my mind, a real stroke of genius, so long a Google doesn’t start taking exception to it. What CrowdSearcher does is to simulate thousands of people visiting your website and clicking on links within it. this boosts your CTR, (click through rate) and reduces your Bounce Rate – the rate at which people leave your website without interacting with it. Both of these metrics, CTR & Bounce Rate, are used by Google when ranking your web site and this tool could be a tremendous help in achieving higher rankings.

SEnukeTNG isn’t cheap, but it’s not expensive either if you are in a position to make it pay dividends for you. There’s a “lite” version @ $67/month which has the basics included but most of the real goodies are removed. If you’re serious you really need the Pro version which runs at $147/month and is worth every penny IF you are in a position to use it effectively.

There’s a free 7 day trial of both options so why not take a look – but don’t be tempted to use it on one of your important sites until you fully understand how it all works.



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Link Building & other SEO Tools
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From $67/month for “Lite” version.

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