SerpBook is a full-featured keyword ranking tool that covers rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

All country variations are supported for Google but it is not clear whether this is the case for Yahoo and Bing as well. YouTube has recently been added to the search engines covered by SerpBook.

The publishers of SerpBook have gone to great lengths to make their tool especially useful to agencies and professional marketers by providing sophisticated white-label reporting capabilities. Client reports can be compiled automatically and scheduled for delivery via email as and when required. As I am well-aware myself, this is a very time-consuming task and SerpBook are right on the ball if they have managed to make it both easier and quicker.

Another useful addition to Serpbook that other keyword tracking tools do not have is the ” ViewKey” –  a sharable link directly to a keyword category. By assingning a ViewKey with read only permissions, anyone can see live, up to date keyword rankings. This is ideal for keeping clients up to date or for internal use by distributing the Viewkey to management and co-workers who need to see performance data like this.

Keyword rank tracking is plentiful in today’s SEO and PPC marketplace. It’s one of those things that you need to do, it’s like the speedometer on your car – not the most exciting bit of equipment to be fitted to the vehicle but vital in order to see how fast you’re going and whether you are breaking the law. You need to see where you are in the SERPs for those keywords and phrases that are important to you.

As such, and as far as it goes, SerpBook seems to do a perfectly good job of all of that. There is, however, a “but.” I can’t see any facilitiy to track competitor’s websites side by side with my own in order to see how my site is doing in relation to the competition. If this is true then it is a showstopper for me.

This is a paid service with a free trial option. If you are looking for a keyword rank tracking tool then you have many to choose from and Serpbook should certainly be on your shortlist, especially if the white-label reporting facilitiy is likely to be of use. Other than that, there are better rank trackers out there, albeit at a higher cost in many cases, e.g. SEMrush, SEO Powersuite etc. Nonetheless, this is a well thought of and well established product that deserves to be considered.

Subscriptions start with the “personal” plan at $12/month for up to 50 keywords tracked.


Where To Find It
Product Type
Keyword Rank Tracker
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
From $12/month with up to 50 keywords tracked


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