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DilogR is a well established, popular and full-featured quiz building app that will meet the needs of the more sophisticated content marketer.

DilogR Quiz Builder

As quiz builders go, It isn’t cheap, and when you fully understand the scope of what it has to offer, you’ll understand why.

DilogR has the kind of quiz-building capabilities that go far beyond the basic multiple choice question model – although it can, of course, do those as well. When you want to produce something more sophisticated, including what DilogR call “Advanced Persona Quizzes” e.g. “what kind of superhero are you?” where the assesment received by the candidate depends on the combination of answers given, then your options are fewer and DialogR starts to look like very good value.

DilogR Quiz Marketing

DilogR is a platform that lets you unify All Your Content across any kind of device from a single platform. You can generate high-quality leads using quizzes, videos and hyper-targeted offers.

DilogR apps enable you to capture valuable realtime data to improve your campaign analytics.

You can combine, integrate and analyse your customer’s engagement level on social media platforms and elsewhere on the web, across any platform and any device.

DilogR is probably the only platform that enables you to incorporate quizzes, surveys, polls, assessments, interactive images, interactive video, and other media, all in a single location.

DilogR integrates with a number of popular CRMs, email marketing platforms and other packages and services to further expand its usefulness in a sales and marketing environment.

You can send video data with DilogR directly into a marketing automation platform such as Infisionsoft, Active Campaign and Hubspot as well as Email Marketing Systems like Aweber. You can use this data for lead scoring, segmentation, and ROI tracking.  Enhance your marketing efforts by sending highly targeted content to your most engaged leads at just the right time based on their video viewing history.

Pricewise, this is not a service you wolud subscribe to unless you really needed it. Entry level is $99/month rising up in a single step to $299 for the Pro version, which is what most people will need. That’s a lot and I’m not saying it isn’t worth it but, only if you really need it and can get some benefit from it in terms of extra business. There’s a free trial for 14 days so maybe give that a try first.







Where To Find It
Product Type
Quiz builder
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – 14 days
From $67/month.


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