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Increase retention and recover lost sales with push.world.

The growth in the use of push notifications by businesses in order to promote their products seems to be exponential and Push.world is a platform that opens it up as a possibility for marketers of all shapes and sizes.

Why push.world and push notification?

The major selling point for this type of marketing is really just a revamp of the established tehnique of remarketing, first harnessed by the email marketers. Identify that someone has an interest in your product or service, signalled by the fact that they have visited your website, and then remind them of your existence from time to time in the hope that they eventually make a purchase or otherwise “convert”.

As a method of keeping in touch with interested parties however, it is actually one of the simplest and least labour intensive methods I have yet to discover. There is a small piece of code that needs to be installed on the target site, a no-brainer job for any developer and even easier if tyou have a WordPress site since there is a plugin available to do it for you. Thereafter, the process goes something like this:

  1. Someone visits your website, to which the Push.world code or tag has been added
  2. The visitor is offered the chance to be notified of updates, developments, offers etc regarding whatever it is that you want to promote – this is the point at which that familiar button appears asking you to approve push notifications.
  3. One approved, the visitor will receive future notifications automatically although you can control this to a large extent.

Push.world Pricing

There is a free account available with limits that might be OK for the smallest or simplest of businesses but anything larger may need a paid plan. The vendors are a bit coy about pricing and do not publish it on the site whih normally needs they really want t speak with you first before revealing the cost. At the time of writing however they have an offer running with AppSumo which omes in at $49 per code which gives you the ability to use Push.world on 2 domains. AppSumo offer up to three codes in a stack which will increase the domain count to 6 and give you the ability to automate 1 process per domain. This will give you some idea as to the pricing levels if you went directly to push.world but the final tab is likely to be higher. All of the plans allow unlimited subscribers per domain.

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