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AdRoll is a widely used and well-established retargeting / remarketing platform that is available at a very reasonable cost.

Retargeting, or remarketing as Google calls it, is an activity that should be including in almost every digital marketing strategy. Adroll is well-established as a PPC ad retargeting platform that enables advertisers to show their ads to carefully selected audiences across a variety of websites including Facebook and Twitter.

To leave it at that, however, would be to do AdRoll a huge injustice – they are so much more than just a way of retargeting audiences as they travel around the web, although that is undoubtedly their primary function and they are very good at it.

Here’s a snapshot from the AdRoll website which will give you an idea as to the extent of their proposal:
Adroll retargeting

I’ve used AdRoll to retarget people who have visited my client’s websites as they move around the Internet to other websites. Since many people will include a visit to Facebook in their browsing activity AdRoll’s ability to let you retarget people on that, and other Social Media websites, is very useful and well worth using even if you don’t need any of their other facilities.

The other thing I’d like to say about AdRoll is that they are very approachable and accessible, even to smaller operators whereas other platforms can be unavailable to that sector due to cost and on the basis that they are simply too small to warrant attention. Alternative services offering similar products include the likes of AdTech, now part of AOL, are not really viable for the smaller business and not at all transparent about pricing and other issues.

AdRoll have a very useful pricing tool but the thing to remember is that you are actually buying ads with your money – AdRoll don’t have a management fee neither do they hold you to a minimum spend or lengthy contract. This makes the platform ideal for the smaller agency or business.

Retargeting is, by its nature, quite a complex activity which is easy to get wrong and waste a lot of money and for that reason it is probably best left to those who know how to use it effectively but the AdRoll website is full of useful guidance and support material if you want to go it alone. All ppc activity needs careful monitoring and frequent optimisation but this is even more important with retargeting campaigns.

Almost every website will have a proportion of visitors who leave the site and never return, even if the contents of that site were completely relevant to them. They simply get waylaid by another site that is equally relevant but which does a better job of engaging, retaining and converting them into a paying customer at some point in the future – exactly why retargeting is needed.

If you want to up your conversions and widen your marketing horizons I’d certainly take a look at ad retargeting with AdRoll.


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