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AdButler is a long-established and widely used ad serving platform with a flexible and affordable pricing structure to suit organisations of every size and type.

AdButler Ad Serving Platform

What is an ad serving platform?

Good question. The whole subject of automated ad serving is a bit of a minefield but the simplified version would be something like this.

If you have a website and you want to “sell” advertising space then you have a number of options. For most small to medium sized website owners the number one choice would be Google’s AdSense service. Just set aside a chunk of your web page(s) and place the AdSense code there. Google will supply the ads and, if anyone clicks on them, you will get a share of the click price. Easy and quick to set up.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to restrict yourself to Google you could use a service like AdButler which is an ad server. Again, you decide which areas, or zones as AdButler calls them, you want to run ads on and they will do the rest.

An Ad Exchange, on the other hand is the platform that sits between the Ad Server (AdButler in this case) and the advertiser. Google’s Doubleclick is the biggest and best known ad ehange. It allocates advertiser’s ad requirements to availables paces on the ad network and hooks into inventory made available through Ad servers like AdButler.

AdButler is a cloud based platform a there’s no need to install any software on your site, unless it is a wordPress site for which there is a handy, free plugi available.
AdBulter claims to have the world’s fastest ad-code and that it can handles ads in all available formats.
Couple this up with real-time reporting and a¬†customisable interface with white-label capability and AdButler could well be the ad-serving solution you’ve been looking for.

AdButler is very affordable to even the smallest of businesses. You can save 15% by paying the subscription annually.

Your fee can be estimated using the on-page slider:

AdButler Pricing

AdButler is a reasonably priced and very “safe” platform that is well established and fairly easy to use. There’s no free trial but there is a 30 day money back guarantee – UPDATE: A 14 day free trial has now been introduced.

Support is good and all-in-all it is a good choice for all but the very largest of businesses – and it’s probably OK for them too!

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