Imagine that you could wait until someone, who you know will be interested in your product or service, becomes active on LinkedIn and then send them a targeted InMail message. You might think that such messages would have a very good “open rate” and convert at a high rate – and you’d be right!

Well, now it is possible to run Sponsored InMail campaigns directly from your LinkedIn Campaign Manager account and we suspect that these will become a regular feature in the digital marketing strategy of many B2B and B2C marketers over the coming weeks and months. Their high performance comes from the ability to target your audience very specifically with LinkedIn’s demographic and interest-based targeting tools and the ability to place the message in among all of the “natural” messages appearing in the recipient’s account.

Designed for use mainly on mobile devices, for which they are optimised, LinkedIn sponsored InMail messages can run on desktop devices too. You can set them up yourself and monitor progress from your Campaign Manager account.

Find out more from LinkedIn themselves, along with some interesting case studies which might help you to formulate your own strategy for using Sponsored InMail,  here.


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