Memberium – Membership Plugin For WordPress & Infusionsoft

If you want to build a website with a membership or subscription feature then you will need a membership system and Memberium is probably the best known of them all.

Memberium Membership plugin for wordPress and Infusionsoft

As Ryan Deiss, The USA’s top internet marketer and CEO of Digital Marketer once said “Memberium is hands down the best membership plugin available for Infusionsoft.”

We’ve used Memberium ourselves and, despite some problems with the initial installation since some web hosts, including Godaddy at the time, did not support the server structure necessary to run Memberium leaving us with no choice but to move to a host with a bit more flexibility. Specifically, your webserver host needs to run/support PHP 5.3 or newer and will also need the IonCube PHP extension available and setup properly. Sounds simple but it really isn’t and Godaddy failed misreably so make sure your host is up to the mark – I recommend Siteground for this purpose and they’ll move your site for you for a few dollars.

Hosting issues aside – they are really quite easy to resolve with the right hosting company support – there is a lot to say about this package and if you wish to operate a membership site it should certainly be on your shortlist.

With Memberium you will be able to create unlimited free, paid or trial membership levels for an unlimited amount of users. Furthermore, you can setup unlimited membership sites, on an unlimited number of subdomains under your registered domain name. In addition to the standard membership login prcedures you can also give your members the opportunity to login using their Fcebook accounts if you wish.

Another very important part of the decision making process for us when we chose Memberium is the integration with Infusionsoft. With the benefit of the Infusionsoft API together with Infusionsoft’s powerful Campaign Builder, Memberium is able to leverage the power of Infusionsoft’s automation tools which enables you to almost run your site on it’s own.

Having said all of that, Memberium really is worth the hassle. It is by far the most comprehensive membership plugin for WordPress that we have come across and there’s very little it cannot do. Again, to quote Ryan Deiss, “We use Memberium when building all of our membership sites. Memberium is hands down the best membership plugin available for Infusionsoft. The plugin can handle membership sites of any size and the security is impeccable. I recommend Memberium for ANY business owner wanting a safe, reliable, and profitable membership site.”

Not much I can add to that really, Ryan has said it all, except to say that if you are serious about running a membership site then you will not regret going to the trouble of sorting out the hosting issues I mention above. There isn’t a free trial option at the moment although they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee which makes it a safe bet. Monthly subscription plans start at $39/month, if you pay annually, or $47/month if you would rather pay monthly, these prices quotaed for a single domain license.


Where To Find It
Product Type
Membership plugin for wordPress & Infusionsoft
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
N0 – 30 day money back guarantees
From $39/month for a single domain account

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