Ryan Deiss, Our USA-Based Power-Marketing Partner, is a familiar name in digital marketing circles around the world but in particular in the USA.

His online digital marketing organisation, known simply as “Digital Marketer” is a treasure trove of valuable resouces for marketers at any level – anywhere.

Some time ago, at a business event in London, I attended a session at which Ryan Deiss was a speaker. I was impressed by the standard of his presentation, he is an excellent speaker, but what impressed even more than that was the sheer common sense that was infused into everything he said.

The reason is pretty simple really – Ryan and his organisation based in Austin Texas, “Digital Marketer” – actually do this stuff! They operate lots of online and offline businesses using digital marketing as the driving force behind them all. They run thousands of ads, send millions of emails, publish acres of content and much more – all with a view to driving traffic to their various e-commerce websites – and it works! Big Style!

Ryan is famous for having devised and perfected the concept of a “marketing machine” which is an automated sequence, (often many sequences), of marketing activities that acquire and “nurture” sales contacts until they convert and become customers, patients, subscribers and so on, depending on what business you are in. Once converted, the “marketing machine” continues to develop them over time and extract the maximum “customer lifetime value” – something which many businesses fail to do.

The Machine, as it is simply known, uses a marketing automation platform known as Infusionsoft to make all of that happen and it is Ryan’s skill and expertise in developing campaigns around the marketing machine principle that has led to its phenomenal success.

The great news is that the Ryan Deiss Marketing Machine has now been adapted for use in the UK and you can have an automated marketing machine for your business, any business, built for you at a very reasonable cost. Alternatively you can purchase a copy of the machine, do the training and then build it and run it for yourself, although that can be resource heavy and time-consuming which puts it out of contention for many time-starved small business owners.

Another valuable resource available from Digital Marketer is their DM Lab facility. Here, Ryan Deiss and his team have assembled a library of “Execution Plans” designed to help you to plan and execute various aspects of digital marketing strategy for your own business. It’s a superb resource, full of good stuff for you to dip into as the need arises. The best part is that you can gain access, (it’s usually by invitation only!) for just $39 per month. No contract.

Digital Marketer’s Facebook Ad Library – Just One of the Many Resources On Offer

Special Offer – Now you can try out the DM Lab for 30 days for just $1 – unlimited access.

Get Trained – Get Accredited – With Digital Marketer HQ

The Digital Marketer training and accreditation resource, knows simply as “HQ” is the most comprehensive schedule of digital marketing training course available anywhere in the world. This unique range of courses and accreditations is now available in the UK via the Digital Marketing Directory.

Now that digital Marketer have opened their first office in the UK it would be well worth getting to know what is on offer from this world class digital marketing powerhouse. With Ryan Deiss at the helm, you can be sure of finding lots to benefit your business.







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