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The Digital Marketing Directory List of Marketing Automation Platforms

Marketing can be a real chore and often involves using software and services from several different sources with data that is not fully compatible between departments.
All of that is changing however as we enter the age of the Marketing Automation Platform but finding the right one for you can be a challenge.
Here's our quick reference list of the Marketing Automation Platforms that we have included in the Digital Marketing Directory for you to make your own shortlist from.

Sep 29, 2016 - - 3
Award-Winning Marketing Automation Software - Marketo

Marketo's marketing automation software gives you the tools to easily create, automate, and measure engaging campaigns across all your marketing channels.
With Marketo you can find and engage the right customers for your business. You can help them find out about your products as they begin their journey with you. Marketo includes search marketing, landing pages, web personalisation, forms, social media, and behaviour tracking.
As your relationship with the customer progreses you can nurture them and develop them in order to maximise spend over the lifetime of the relationship.
Marketo is well-established and widely used so why not take a look to see if it meets your business' marketing requirements.

Sep 29, 2016 - - 3
Build better connections with leads and customers with Infusionsoft

Use Infusionsoft to automate your small business sales and marketing, while combining your CRM, email marketing, lead capture and e-commerce in one place.
Infusionsoft is well established, especially in the email marketing community and is a powerful tool for building response-driven email marketing campaigns. It is widely supported by way of integrations with many other platforms such as e-commerce, analytics and accounting and should definitely be on the shortlist of any business looking for marketing automation.

Sep 29, 2016 - - 3
Grow your business with marketing automation and Active Campaign

Active Campaign is an Integrated email marketing, marketing automation, and small business CRM.
It enables you to send beautiful newsletters, setup behavioral based automations, and with its help your business can really start to benefit from sales automation.
The interface is clean and uncluttered making it easy and intuitive to set up and run marketing automation from any size of business in almost any industry niche. Reporting and analysis features are also very easy to get to grips with.

Sep 29, 2016 - - 3
Pardot B2B Marketing Automation by Salesforce

Salesforce pretty much rule the roost when it comes to CRMs and the addition of their Marketing Automation Platform Pardot to their toolkit can only make their position even stronger.** Pardot enables Salesforce** users to make Marketing Automation easy.
You can make sales and marketing teams the best of friends with their no-hassle marketing automation platform. Gain greater insight into ROI, increase marketing accountability, and more. If you are already using Salesforce, or even if you're not, now could be the time to automate your marketing with Salesforce Pardot.

Sep 29, 2016 - - 3
Act-On - Marketing Automation For Fast-Growing Businesses

Act-On is an integrated marketing workspace designed to align inbound and outbound marketing campaigns across the customer lifecycle. From brand awareness and demand generation through to customer retention and loyalty, the Act-On platform includes everything needed by marketers to make their businesses stand out from the competition and drive better results.


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