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IFTTT is a clever tool that lets you automate lots of Digital Marketing and other tasks and processes.

IFTTT Overview

IFTTT has been around for a while now, I remember being introduced to it when I was looking for a tool to help me with social media marketing and, in particular, automating the submission of posts to social sites. That time I eventually settled on Hootsuite, after also considering Buffer,  and still use it to this day, but I really missed a trick with IFTTT as it does rather more than just automate posts to social sites.

Luckily, friends in the business pointed out the error of my ways and I went on to be an avid user of IFTTT although the nature of my business meant that my usage was really confined to tasks related to automatically posting to social sites and not much else.

IFTTT Review Image

Just a few of the thousands of possible IFTTT “Recipes” useful for Digital Marketers

So what is IFTTT?

The “dictionary” description would be something like this;

IFTTT is a service that enables you to set up sequences of events that are triggered as a result of changes or events taking place on various web-based applications including, but not limited to, Social Media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest as well as blogging platforms such as WordPress and BlogSpot, (Blogger).

These procedures are collectively referred to in IFTTT parlance, as “recipes” and, upon becoming a member of IFTTT, (which is free of charge), you can either set up your own recipes or use/modify those that others have made available. There are existing recipes available for you to accomplish just about any task you could ever think of so the need to write your own is not that great but if you wanted to the process is relatively simple and well documented.

A Few Examples of IFTTT Recipes:

  • Automatically posting a WordPress blog to social media sites
  • As above, but with Blogger posts, (it is also possible to include Tumblr and Weebly blog posts in recipes like the above but I haven’t done that yet).
  • Other recipe ideas include:
  • Those trading on Ebay can set up alerts when a certain type of item is listed.
  • Those interested in a product on shopping sites can be notified when a price drops.
  • Music lovers who use Spotify can automatically add their favourited tracks to a Google spreadsheet.
  • Gmail users can set up alerts for when a mail is received from a particular sender.

IFTTT Pricing

It’s FREE. You might as well use it. Here’s the link: https://ifttt.com/


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