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What is Adduco and what does it do?

Upon first exposure to Adduco you might be forgiven for having a slightly bewildered look on your face. The thought that will be turning around in your mind will be along the lines of “what is Adduco and what on earth does it do?” I’ve tried to put the answer to that into a single sentence but, my friends, I have failed. Adduco is a comprehensive, and, dare I say, complex, solution to a problem that you may not realise you have. 

The Adduco website isn’t much help either , being steeped, as it is, in overlong sentences that are rammed with jargon that will be meaningless to many people. In fact, it wasn’t until I came across Adduco being offered at a lifetime discount on AppSumo that I finally began to appreciate what it is all about.

Here then, is AppSumo’s succinct description of exactyl what Adduco has to offer – “Adduco is a data platform that gives you the intelligence tools you need to organize and personalize your ads so you can increase sales.” By connecting your Facebook, Instagram and/or Google Analytics accounts, Adduco lets you instantly see 30 different customer persona visualizations. These visualizations will be populated across the Insights Canvas, a kind of dashboard giving you a breakdown of your total audience. You’ll be able to see a spread of actionable psychometric and behavioral data points related to your audience, such as consumption preferences, consumer need and values, average engagement, and purchase interest.

The Adduco website summarises the functionality of the platform with these three bullet points:

  • Aquire Customers Identify your best prospects and find actionable insights to beat sales objectives.
  • Engage Customers Enrich your customer database, build personalised campaigns, and improve attribution.
  • Address Customers Create advanced segments to build and target content to individual and audience personalities.

Customers want to understand why your product is perfect for them and the most successful brands provide a personalized experience for their customers that does just that. So how can you give your customers a tailored ads experience that will have them enthusiastically hitting “buy now”?

Adduco is potentially the answer to that conundrum – It enables you to turn sales and marketing interactions into actionable psychometric and behavioral data which, in turn, enables you to get deep customer and audience profiles from common integrations like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Analytics, (N.B no integration with Google Ads yet, which certainly limits its scope).

Adduco then helps you to transform these audience insights into targeted ads with assistive creation tools making this an ideal tool for marketers and agencies looking to find more data on their audiences to facilitate the creation of better-targeted ads.

Reading this may lead you to believe that this is a tool that would be ideal for marketing agencies except that, at the time of writing, it isn’t. There’s no agency functionality built in to enable you to monitor multiple clients campaigns across platforms. You’d have to have a seperate installation of Adduco for every client – nightmare.  

Don’t get me wrong, I can see that this is an intelligent and well designed tool that will eventually be a great help to many people but at the moment it just isn’t finished and I don’t believe that its designers are entirely clear as to what it is they want to produce. If it is an aid to agency management of client campaigns then it isn’t really there yet. For small businesses wanting help with their ad design and management it will probably be too complex. There probably is a band of potential users out there for whom this is everything they’ve been waiting for but the problem is going to be how do they position Adduco to those people and get accross its benefits? Don’t know, but I’m watching closely to find out.

There is an unlimited free trial (limited functionality free account) which I suggest you take advantage of – here’s the link:  


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