Textau provides growth automation to scale your business faster

You can use Textau to Generate new leads, contant them quickly and effortlessly, and improve you knowledge of your users.
All the tools you need in one single place.

Automate your lead generation funnel to stay ahead of your competitors

With Textau you an get rid of the manual processes that slow your business growth and, instead, focus your marketing resoures on building relationships.

Your business needs scale

As a growth hacker you are driven by a laser-focused
passion: you want to scale your business and you want
to do it faster.

Manual processes slow you down

But most of your time is wasted figuring out how to get new contacts and reaching out to them manually. It’s a tedious process that drains your energy and creativity and is probably slowing you down.

How many opportunities are you missing?

You’re missing lots of invaluable opportunities for growth by not
automating your lead generation funnel. You need to spend less
time finding your leads and more time talking with them.

Growth can be automated: Textau makes it work

With TexAu you can automate your growth strategy so you can focus on what really matters.

More than 80 ready-to-use
Right now, you can choose between more than
80 automations on 15 different services, with
many more in the works. With these, you can
easily uncover untapped opportunities for
growth for your business.

Create complex automation
workflows in minutes
You can create a complex chain of automations with
our drag-and-drop tool in a matter of minutes.
Workflows allow you to connect different services

Get a 360° view of your
leads and contacts
We have integrations with Snov.io, Hunter.io
and Fullcontact that will allow you to enrich
data from your users and prospects easily and




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