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Leadfeeder is an extension to your Google Analytics that not only tells you how many visitors your site has had – it also tell you where they work, how long they stayed and which pages they visited.

In that respect, Leadfeeder is one of several such services available, the best known of which is probably Leadforensics, along with Canddi and A1Webstats. The difference is in the installation – unlike the others mentioned, Leadfeeder does not require a special tracking code to be installed – it simply makes use of the alreadt installed Google Analytics tracking code, (just to be clear, you cannot use Leadfeeder if you do not have Google Analytics installed).

So how might such a system be useful to you? Well, it really depends on how you sell, who you sell to and how you obtain new leads. If you sell B2C, (Business to Consumer) i.e. directly to end-users, then this might not be too much use to you but if, on the other hand, you sell B2B, (Business to business) then you might want to take a closer look at what Leadfeeder has to offer.

The reason for this distinction, i.e. B2B rather than B2C is that this system, nor any other, is going to give you persoanl contact details of “private” visitors t your website. What Leadfeeder and the others do is give you details of the commercial network that the visitor is coming from. In other words, if they are visiting your website from their corporate network at their place of work, you will know that. Not every time admittedly, it isn’t 100% by a long chalk but often enough to make it useful, you will know:

  • Which organisation your website visitor works for
  • How many pages they visited on your site
  • Which specific pages they visited
  • How long they spent on the site

So, you will know that someone from “XYZ Corporation” or maybe a public body such as a hospital or local governement department, is interested in your product or service. The question is, what can you do about that? How can you turn this anonymous information into a proper lead?

In the case of Leadfeeder, the answer lies with our good friends LinkedIn. Take a look at this screenshot:

Leadfeeder B2B Marketing

On the left you can see the list of webite visitors. On the right you see the detailed view of the company we are interested in, “Brewin Dolphin”  who have 12 employees that are connected to me on LinkedIn. That’s a great starting point for developing a future business relationship with this company by reaching out to those contacts in various ways.

If you are not sure whether this kind of service would be of use to you then Leadfeeder offer a 30 day free trial to help you to decide. Paid plans start at $59/month and allows you to monitor up to 200 companies.


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