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The Knowledge Base is our central resource where you can find everything you need to plan and execute every aspect of your digital marketing strategy.

There are lots of free “How To” guides, training videos, slideshows, infographics and much more to help you to plan your digital marketing strategy.

The “Workshops & Webinars” section contains links to our sister sites; “Digital Marketing Pitstop” – where you can benefit from  a range of practical workshops aimed at mastering a particular topic, e.g. “Email marketing” and “Lets Get Visible” – where you will find our program of Webinars, Online Workshops and “Online Visibility Clinics.”

What’s New?

Make Bing Ads Part Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How to Use Bing Ads for Your Marketing Small Business

Bing is often ignored by small businesses in favour of Google and their AdWords service when planning their digital marketing strategy. However, Ads on Bing still reach millions of people and, when those people click to visit your website, the cost of that click will usually be much cheaper than the equivalent click on Google AdWords. All we are saying – is give Bing a chance, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Our free guide will show you how to get started with Bing Ads.


Marketing With LinkedIn Ads – How to Laser-Target Professionals

LinkedIn is an exciting prospect for businesses who wish to target a particular audience which can be identified by such criteria as Age, Profession, Education and so on. Unlike Google AdWords, which relies on keywords, LinkedIn audiences can be put together using the very extensive range of demographic and other data that LinkedIn holds about its members.

For many businesses, LinkedIn is a vital part of their digital marketing strategy. It’s powerful but it can be complex and if you get it wrong, it can be expensive. LinkedIn’s click prices can be much higher than the same click on Google so traffic from the “wrong” people can end up costing you a lot.

Don’t run that risk – download our free guide to using LinkedIn’s ads – adapted for use in UK businesses by our own editorial team.

How to Become an Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

We’ve just finished updating and revising this free all-in-one e-book that can guide you on how to become an online entrepreneur using digital marketing techniques. Containing great ideas for setting up and running a thriving online business, this FREE e-book is written for busy professionals who have a ‘day’ job.

So, if you want to get going on a full scale internet business, or just dip your toe in the water, this ebook gives you a masterclass in how to sell successfully online.

Once you’ve decided what you want to do, just use the categories section of The Digital Marketing Directory to find all the resources you need to make it happen.

Lead Generation with Digital Marketing – A Guide For Small & Local Businesses

Many businesses trade only with a small, clearly defined area. If you are a florist in a particular town, and only serve that town and its immediate area, then you do not want to market to people in other areas – or do you?

Only you know the answer to that but our guide to Lead Generation could easily apply to businesses who want to spread their wings and generate business locally and from further afield, if they wish. The process is different in some ways because Google and other search engines handle “local” searches differently to how they handle national and international ones. The key to success is to have a clear idea of what and where your market is and then to market in the most approrpiate  way(s) to that market

All businesses need a constant and steady flow of new business enquiries, or leads, and our guide shows you how to get them. Available for a limited time as a free download so don’t delay.

Digital Marketing Videos & Slideshows

Advertising On Facebook – Getting Started – Free Video

Watch our free video introduction to using Facebook advertising to promote your business. If you like what you see there’s a full series of follow-on videos for you to watch, completely free of charge, as part of our Facebook Advertising Workshop – you can find that at our sister website, The Digital Marketing Pitstop which is packed full of training and how-to-guides. Membership is free and you can sign up here.

How to do Facebook Ads

Workshops & Webinars

Our Latest Mini-Marketing Workshop

Analysing Your Online Competitors – For Free

Another of our fast and easy mini workshops to help you save time with your digital marketing. Ideal for  busy business owners.

Download this free workshop guide and find out just how easy it is to find out who your competitors are and what they are up to – using a free tool provided by SEMrush.

Infographics, Cheat Sheets & Mind Maps

New Infographic – Email Marketing Time Saving Tips

Another of our at-a-glance Infographics to help you save time with your email marketing. Ideal for  busy business owners.

Download this free infographic and find out just how easy it is to save time with your email marketing.

Free Marketing Resources from Ryan Deiss’ Digital Marketer


We’ve teamed up with Ryan Deiss and his Texas-based Digital Marketer website to bring you a host of digital marketing resources – from simple guides to comprehensive accreditation plans.

Here’s the DM Facebook Ad Library, it’s completely free!

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