Stock Image Library is a free image library with a good choice of high quality free images that you can use copyright free under a creative commons license.

Here’s another free to use image collection that many webmasters and others will find useful. The collection is simply but effectively catalogued and it’s easy and quick to find the images you are looking for.

There is a growing undercurrent of rumours and anecdotes that seem to confirm that more and more image and other content copyright owners are actively looking to find cases of copyright theft so whereas a few years ago you might have got away with “borrowing” the occasional image off another website without permossion, now there’s a good chance that you won’t.

As we said in the header, as far as is concerned, these images are royalty free so there’s no charge for using them although they do suggest that you contact the image owner if you are unsure. If you plan to use the images commercially I would certainly recommend that you do this.

There’s a limited range of categories but many people will find what they want ion the collection. image categories

As with all such services, it may be a case of looking around at several free image sites before you find the image you require or like. If you can’t find it on a free image site then you may have to resort to a paid service like Shutterstock or DepositPhotos where the choice will be much wider but ¬†image costs can be considerable. There aren’t many images on but is is certainly one to have on your list of free image sites to check before you resort to buying images.

Check it out, see what you think and also take a look at all the other free and paid image sites in the Digital Marketing Directory.

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