Geru – Marketing & Funnel Simulation Platform

Introducing Geru – Take the Guesswork Out Of Your Funnels

Funnily enough, I chanced upon Geru as a result of a funnel they had running with a Facebook Ad at the top of that funnel. A very special “lifetime” offer was available so I responded and purchased the deal – and I’m glad I did, this is a superb tool for anyone running a digital marketing agency or operating as a freelance digital marketer.

Geru Funnel Simulator

If you are wondering about the pronunciation of Geru, its Ger, as in “gear,” U, so like Guru but with “gear” at the front. 

OK, so I like it, but what does Geru do?

I’m glad you asked, I was going to tell you anyway. Geru really does 2 things:

  • Its a funnel planning tool with a really effective diagramming capability to enable you to visualise almost any marketing process.
  • Its a funnel hacking and simulation tool that enables you to not only plan the structure of the funnel but to forecast its effectiveness in terms of revenue, contacts acquired and so on.

When you first enter the Geru platform you are presented with a blank canvas and have the option to set up a new project. Here you can add objects from their comprehensive library, including “Starting Points” e.g. a Facebook or Google ad, landing pages, emails and many more.

Once you are happy with the layout of the funnel you could use it as part of your proposal to your client or others within your organisation so they can easiliy visualise how the proposed strategy would work.

Then you can get to the really clever bit – the numbers. Every “object” that you add to the funnel canvas can be assigned a value, i.e. open rate for emails, cost of clicks for ads, conversion rates for landing pages, and so on. Then, by running various scenarios through the model you can see whether its going to fly and, if not, where improvements need to be made.

A Funnel Simulator enables  you to model & simulate the potential performance and profit of any proposed sales or marketing funnel or, indeed, almost any business idea BEFORE you go to the expense of creating landing pages and running ads to acquire traffic – all of which saves you lots of time & money.

GERU, the world’s FIRST Funnel Simulator, takes the guesswork out of planning profit-optimized funnels & helps avoid costly marketing mistakes which means that you can grow your business as fast as possible and with the reassurance of knowing that every stage of the process has been tested – invaluable.

A Few Ideas as to How You Could Use This Software

Here’s a few suggestions as to how using a “Funnel Simulator” can help you to avoid expensive mistakes and expedite your route to building and scaling a successful sales and marketing Funnel

  •  Plan Smarter: Save time & money
  •  Simulate before you build
  •  Discover your funnel’s potential
  •  Model all your business ideas
  •  Avoid costly marketing mistakes
  •  Find optimization opportunities
  •  Simulate traffic before buying

 And much more.

Subscription Plans and Costs

As to pricing, this really is value for money – there isn’t a free trial as such but if you try it and don’t like it there is a no quibble 30 day refund policy. The “Standard” plan starts at $37/month – less if you pay annually. The higher cost “Pro” plan opens up higher limits for project numbers (unlimited, as opposed to 10 with the standard plan), the number of objects in any one funnel, (unlimited as opposed to 40 in the standard plan), and gives you the benefit of white-labelling reports.

Don’t delay, get Geru today, I’ll be really suprised if you don’t love it like I do.


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