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Yes, it’s true, my all-time favourite SEO tools platform, SEMrush, offer a free for life account that’s ideal for new, or occasional users.

I am a long-time convert to SEMrush for most of my SEO, PPC, competitive analysis, Keyword tracking and Keyword Research and, as such, I’m quite happy to pay the very fair price that they charge for their services but I realise that for some, a paid account might not be necessary and SEMrush, to their credit have realised this too and provide the free account for those peole.

Yes, the number of searches and results shown are limited on free accounts but most small businesses should find it more than adequate for occasional use. Here’s the signup page for the free account showing the daily limits:

SEMrush Free Account

If you find SEMrush to be useful, and I haven’t met anyone yet who didn’t, then you may wish to upgrade to a paid account but there is absolutely no obligation to do so. The SEMrush keyword tracker and Domain Research tools are very detailed and well worth the cost of any subscription so this is a terrific opportunity to use those tools completely free for small projects.


Where To Find It
Product Type
SEO Tools Platform
Paid, Various Options plus a totally free for life account with limits.
Free Trial Available
From $69.95/month if you choose to upgrade.


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