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SERPs, (  is a USA company offering a range of paid for, and some completely free, tools for keyword rank tracking and keyword research.

I realise of course that you are probably aware that there are a great many such tools out there, some free, some not and varying a great deal in terms of quality and cost. So how do you find the best one for you, for your projects, your campaigns and is SERPs or the one for you?

Would you use the same tools for a ppc campaign that you use for a content marketing campaign, or an SEO ranking project?  Probably, yes, but not always.

One thing is for sure however, no matter what your digital marketing strategy is, you will almost certainly need to carry out keyword research at some point.

Inevitably, when comparing keyword research tools, it is necessary to take into account Google’s free of charge Keyword Planner. It is probably the most widely used keyword research tool out there and forms the basis for many other such tools because it is actually the source of the raw data that they use. So, if you decided to go for one of the market leaders, such as Market Samurai, you would find that their raw data actually comes from Google Keyword Planner.

This is also the case for the subject of this mini review.

However, like Market Samurai and many others, SERPs does bring something to the party. In particular, I like their free Keyword Rank Checker Tool,, which lets you check a keyword or phrase and see the top 250 websites that rank on Google for that phrase. You cn do this by geographical area as well, which is very useful for local seo. Free Keyword Rank Tracker

Check keywords for free with the free SERPs keyword Rank Checker

The above search would give me up to 250 listings for websites that met the crieria entered into the free Keyword Rank Checker tool: free keyword rank checker

Using this list to identify which of my competitors in the geographical location entered, Cambridge, England in this case, I can see which of my competitors are getting the top positions and then do some further rearch to find out why.

The free rank tracking tool only lets you check one keyword at a time and you would need a paid subscription to check multiple keywords, all fair enough I suppose. Free Keyword Tools

The current range of free tools from

So far, so good. The free tools are excellent, if a little limited, and the Geographical Location search option is particularly useful to anyone doing local seo.

But what if you need to upgrade to a paid service? Well, that’s when you have to do some serious thinking. $49/month is the entry level price with the ability to track just 300 keywords, the next level, “Agency” plan increases that to 1,000 keywords and, if that’s not enough which it won’t be for most agencies of any size, additional keywords may be tracked at a rate of $100 per 1000 words. This tool could start to get expensive.

There’s a free trial of the full range of SERPs tools which I certainly suggest you take advantage of but when making your mind up about a paid subscription there are many more tools to try, some offering considerably better value for money.


Where To Find It
Product Type
Keyword Rank Tracker
Paid, Various Options plus some free tools
Free Trial Available
Yes – 30 days
$49/month entry level


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