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Improve & Protect Your E-Mail Sender Reputation with Clearout

Clearout is an email cleaning and maintenance platform, with a Catch-all email verification facility, that enables you to instantly ID catch-all domains to avoid sending to those emails and hurting your IP Reputation.

Clearout provides an Email Validation & Verification Service with 98 %+ Accuracy to help you avoid the honeypots, hard bounces and non-valid emails that can mess with your email deliverability. Now you can validate & clean your email list in real-time.

Clearout also adjusts invalid syntax on your email list to the correct format and eliminates spelling errors and typos in email addresses with auto-suggestions.

Of course, this is a problem that many marketers don’t even realise that they have. You send emails to the contacts on your list and a certain, (often small), proportion of the recipients of those emails will open them and, perhaps, read them. Often, the majority remain unoppened and are deleted. Even more often they will end up in a spam folder, earmarked for auto-deletion.

If you have a reasonable sized mailing list then Clearout can operate in bulk mode.

Bulk email verification enables you to upload the email database & clean up your email list with just a single click. Without any doubt, you will get 98%+ accurate results with detailed stats to let you identify spam traps, hard bounces, soft bounces, disposable, catch-all and lot more. The bulk email list cleaning feature supports batch files in CSV or XLSX format to give you the flexibility you need when running your email campaigns. Also, you can download the verified result along with the original file or by appending the selected field from the Clearout result file.

Clearout lets you take the guesswork out of email marketing and verify the recipient’s email address instantly!

The Clearout instant verification process is a quick way of validating target email addresses in real-time without waiting in the queue. Simply copy and paste the target email addresse(s) directly from your list into Clearly in order to clean them quickly and effortlessly.

If email marketing is an important part of your overall marketing strategy then maintaining your mailing list to this standard is a must. Yes, you can still keep on sending emails to an unchecked list but the open rates, and therefore the conversion rates, will be low and will get lower over time. You wouldn’t keep running your car without periodic maintenance to don’t do it with your mailing list. Give Clearout a try with their free plan – see below.

Clearout pricing plans and costs

There are various paid levels available, all based on the number of email records you need to check but Clearout does offer a free account for you to try it out with a limit of 500 credits, i.e. the ability to check up to 500 target email accounts. They don’t even ask for a credit card when you set up a free account so there really is nothing to lose here.

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Paid Plans start at $25 for 5000 credits – these never expire.


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