Autopilot is an Australian company offering a comprehensive marketing automation tools platform at an affordable price.

Autopilot marketing automation

Autopilot’s very attractive and easy-to-use visual customer journey (funnel) builder

Competition is hotting up in the marketing automation space with relatively new kids on the block bringing new insight and approaches to the ground traditionally held by the likes of Infusionsoft, Marketo and Hubspot. Its true the Autopilot may not be quite such an in-depth product as the aforementioned but it will be right on the button for many.

In order to make marketing automation technology more accessible, more enjoyable and easier to use, Autopilot seems to have adopted a different terminology to that which is normally used to describe the things that it does. It is, in essense, a funnel builder, and a good one at that. Autopilot can automate some or all of the sales and marketing process, depending on your product and the way that you choose to take it to maket. Lead acquisition, nurturing and conversion all fall within its remit.

Lead acquisition, nurturing, education and conversion all seem to be covered by the tools on offer and the level of documentation and support all seem to be of a high quality as well.

The most striking part of the package is the visual “Journey” building interface shown in the screenshot above. The prospective customer’s journey is planned using this drag and drop campaign builder, similar to that used by Infusionsoft and others such as clickfunnels but presented in an innovative and visually striking way.

Another stand out feature of Autopilot is its “Filght School” training facility which appears to be very easy to use and full-featured.

All-in-all a very attractive product that seems to have shaken off the cobwebs found on packages like Infusionsoft, albeit perhaps without having the power and flexibility of that very popular platform. Autopilot looks as if it would be fun to use and effective too.

Good news for startups – if your business is a startup and funded by one of Autopilot’s funding partners then you can get a discount from thier usual monthly rates.

We will review Autopilot in-depth if the publishers make a review login available but in the meantime, at the price point on offer – starting at $20/month for a basic plan, as well as a 30 day free trial without credit card details being required – Autolipot is definitely one for your marketing automation shortlist.


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