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JustReachOut is a novel new, and very effective, way to reach out to journalists, broadcasters, bloggers, reviewers and other writers to get your content published in all the right places.

This is an exciting and innovative approach to a very old problem – how to get your “news” and other content in front of those who can make best use of it and publish it so that it gets noticed.

JustReachOut themselves sum up their product in a simple, short, sentence:

“Forget PR firms, pitch relevant journalists yourself.”

So how is it possible to do that? These people are some of the hardest to reach people on earth and attracting their attention can sometimes seem impossible.

JustReachOut have a brilliantly clever and yet relatively simple way of overcoming that problem. The platform is, in fact, a highly specilaised search engine. You enter your keyword, which should be relevant to the content that you wish to publish, and let JustReachOut do its stuff. Before long you will have a list of articles written about that keyword together with the details of where they were published and who wrote them. Using the contact details in their database you can then use the reach out capabilities in order to make contact.

Here’s a video by an existing user, explaining the whole process in a couple of minutes. This is a real life example, not a demo.

As you can see, if you’ve watched the case study video above, the process is ultra-simple really and very effective. No, it won’t get you published every time and especially not if your content is sub-standard, (be honest with yourself, is it really good enough for someone to want to publish it?).

Assuming that it is, and there are people out there who will enjoy reading it then JustReachOut is your fast track to those people.

You wouldn’t expect a superb product like JustReachOut to be free – and it isn’t – or rather it is, but only during your free 7 day trial. I advise you to get yours now!

If you decide you like it then the ongoing costs are from $65/month.


Where To Find It
Product Type
Content Marketing & PR Platform
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – 7 days
From $65/month.


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