Syndwire is described as the “ultimate content marketing tool” and is used by many SEO specialists for that purpose.

Syndwire is a content syndication service that is loved by many but those who use it are usually well versed in the art, (or is it a science?), of search engine optimisation, (SEO).

Why do I mention this? Well, when you think about it, what Syndwire does is automate the distribution of your content across a network of many websites, some “respectable and trustworthy”, others, possibly, less so.

I suppose what I am saying is that Syndwire offers many benefits when it comes to building and executing a content Marketing campaign. It can help you to quickly get a website ranked on Google quickly, by submitting your URL to many different bookmarking and social media sites from which you will obtain backlinks.

This used to be virtually all you needed to do – now it isn’t. Now, with Google having changed the way in which it ranks websites, quite significantly, this approach can even have a detrimental effect.

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a role for Syndwire in today’s Content Marketing campaigns, it just means that, as with many other digital marketing activities, you should proceed with caution and take care.

Syndwire describes itself as the “ultimate content syndication tool” and many of its aficionados would agree with that. I’m not sure that it is the ultimate such tool but it is certainly effective at what it does.

My only real cause for concern is in the way that Syndwire would enable the user to syndicate their content across so many different online platforms. With seconds your content could be live across dozens of sites, each one a duplicate of the others – and that’s where I have my doubts.

Services like Copyscape have built mighty businesses for themselves on the basis of plagiarism not only being bad and wrong but that it also upsets Google and often results in a penalty which could result in your website, or at least the offending page, being placed lower in the rankings than it otherwise would have been.

If you use Syndwire to place multiple copies of your content across many websites, you certainly run the risk of this happening. To counteract this, Syndwire offer a built-in content spinning system to enable you to automatically send a different version of your content to each of the target sites. It’s best not to get me started about the quality of these spun versions, they are often little more than gibberish, but Google will not regard them as copies of the original and that’s the point of the exercise – or is it?

Nowadays Google is far more sophisticated than it used to be when it comes to “reading” and indexing a piece of website copy. It can tell whether the text makes sense and will be quite dismissive of it if it thinks that your spun content is gibberish.

For this reason I urge you to be very cautious about using spinners. If you are trying to build an “authority” website then the copy on your website should always be of the highest quality which means original and written by a human.

Does that mean its OK to use poor quality spun content on other sites? Well, it may do, if all you are seeking to do is obtain backlinks. If, on the other hand, you are building a Content Marketing campaign then the objective of syndicating  your content is so that you can get it seen by interested parties who will read it and then want more – so they visit your website. this won’t happen if the syndicated content is poor quality.

The other point to make about Syndwire is its cost – the starter plan is $99/month so you really need to be sure that you are able to get value for that – there is a free trial to help you to do this.

So there you are – some people will find Syndwire content Marketing to be perfect for their campaigns whereas others won’t. Be very careful before making a decision that you might regret and try it out on a non-essential site first, with content that is not important to your overall business.









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