The Best Spinner 4 – Article Spinning Software – Updated

The Best Spinner 4 is the latest version of the market leading article spinner that is produced by a well known and well respected internet marketer – Jon Leger. It is by far the best established and trusted article spinner package on the market today.

Like many products which, just a few years ago, were almost a “must have,” article spinners are now very much a “use with care” tool which can save you a bit of time but which should not be over used.

As with so many things in the world of digital marketing strategy and practice, the blame for this can be laid squarely at Google’s door. It has been well known for quite some time that Google dislikes duplicate content. The definition of “duplicate content” is a fairly loose one and is open to interpretation but one thing that we have known for a long time is that if you publish an article on one website which has already been published on another website, (irrespective of whether that is your website or someone else’s) then Google will consider this to be duplicate content and may apply a “manual action – AKA a penalty to the page(s) on which the duplicate is published.

What’s more, if you just take copy from a reference website such as Wikipedia and paste is straight onto your own site then that too risks being penalised for being duplicate content.

Hence the need to “spin” or rewrite any material which exists on more than one website. with this in mind, packages like “The Best spinner” began to appear. What The Best Spinner does is to enable you to substitute synonyms into your text semi-automatically and therefore significantly change the composition of the article. In fact, the package will do all of this automatically but I never recommend this because the result can sound like it has been written by someone who has an English dictionary but no clue as to how to use the words inside that dictionary. Nowadays, Google is very adept at spotting rubbish and will penalise it vociferously.

Nowadays I rarely use a spinner but when I do it is this one that I use. It really is the best spinner and, although the price has increased a bit – from $47 up to $67, you should probably have it in your tool box – it can save a lot of time when you are working on the content marketing element of your digital marketing strategy.

You can take a look at it here and we will publish our full The Best Spinner 4 review soon.

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