If you think that SEO is complicated and involves acquiring multiple backlinks to your, site it may be time to reconsider – with Similar Content you may be able to rank highly with content instead of backlinks.

This SEO platform focuses on the ability to achieve strong ranking and high visibility in SERPs by optimisng text and comparing your performance against that of others who already rank for the same target keywords. It uses a “relevancy score” metric to achieve this. Check your content’s Relevancy Score and compare it to other copy that is similar to your own and which is already prominent on the web.
Use these analysis tools to find the exact LSI (Latent Semantic Index) copy that your own page copy is missing in order to Rank Higher on search engines using advanced AI based indexing.
Bring your content marketing strategy right up to date and start ranking for Semantic Keywords that your customers are searching for, especially when they are not familiar with your topic.

This content focused approach will, in many cases, enable site owners to rank higher in search results without having as many backlinks although these are still important to an effective overall reanking and visibility strategy.

Improve Your Content Score with Similar Content

You can easily optimise you content with Similar Content’s built-in text editor which will show you how in-depth your topic is covered and identify what needs improvement in the article or other content in order to assist in it’s ranking.

Similar Content for Real-time Analysis of your own copy

The platform uses a relevancy scoring system for content to measure it against against your competitors that are currently ranking on the first page of Google for a particular search query. This enables you to identify what needs to be done to your copy in order to math or exceed your competitor’s performance.

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Pricing Plans

There is an entry-level Standard plan which would be sufficient for most bloggers and freelance writers, costing $19/month. I suggest you give it a go first using the 7 day trial option which can be found here: https://similarcontent.com/pricing/ Buyer beware however, this works out at $1 per day whereas the cost for 30 days is only $19. There is also currently a lifetime plan on Appsumo priced at $79 with respectable limits that will suit all but the most prolific writers.

See more tools like this here: http://thedigitalmarketingdirectory.com/category/content-marketing/ 

Summary – to buy or not to buy?

I write a lot of articles and reviews and I appreciate anything that might help me to improve both my throughput and the ranking ability of that content. This package seems to do both and I have earmarked it for a full Similar Content review later in the month. Watch this space.




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