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Content Marketing & Content Curation With is a clever and very effective content marketing and content curation platform that enables you to build your website’s visibility, Trust Flow and Domain Authority by curating content from all over the web that is relevant to your own site’s content. Logo

Content marketing is a complex subject with many different meanings and interpretations. If you have the capacity to be able to produce lots of good quality content for your website from your own resources then you may not need a platform like – or will you?

The fact is, you will probably never have enough home-grown website content to keep you at the top of the pile alongside your competitors. It’s a constantly changing battlefield with your own efforts – which might be perfectly good, being eclipsed by those with greater resources and content marketing budgets. In cases like this one solution may be to make use of relevant content produced by others and this is a package that makes that possible.

That’s why, in my opinion, has a place in the content marketing lives of many website owners and marketers. Put simply, it enables you to curate – such a widely used term these days but this is what it actually means – relevant content from other sites, fully acknowleged and credited of course, and place links to it from your own.

There is a superb chrome browser extension, free of charge, to help you to do this effortlessly. It works really well, I use it all the time. comes with a free version that, although limited, is perfectly usable and certainly enough to give you a feel as to how might be of help with your content marketing efforts. Paid versions open up more features at a surprisingly reasonable cost – this is certainly a recommended tool for content marketers and one that you should check out, for free, as soon as you can.

Here is the link to the website and that free trial:

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