OneTab – Declutter Your Browser

OneTab is a free-of-charge tool to help declutter your browser and free up memory that is being used unnecessarily.

We all do it don’t we? Open up a tab to do this or that, move on to the next thing, leave the previous tab open. Before long you have many tabs open, most of which you are not using, and your PC gets progressively slower due to lack of available memory and more cluttered.

OneTab pretty much solves all of the above. Of course it would be preferable to close any apps and tabs that you are not actually using but how many of us do that – if we need to use that website or other resource again we have to load it all up again. Surely there is a better way – yes there is – it’s OneTab.

OneTab browser management save memory

Quite apart from the benefits of working on a tidy, uncluttered, desktop there is the not inconsiderable benefit if all that memory being made available again. A PC will get progressively slower as more tabs are opened and have a slice of your computer’s memory allocated to them so it makes sense to only have open those things that you actually need.

Trouble is, if you close them and then need them again later on you have to go through the whole time-consuming process of loading them up again, probably going through a tedious log-in procedure and so on.

As you can see from the above screenshot, OneTab claims to both unclutter your browser by consolidating tabs into, well,  One tab and claiming back the unused memory.

No need to say very much else about OneTab, it’s completely free and it works – I suggest that you give this one a try asap.


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