Console Rocket – Enhanced Analytics from Google Search Console

Console Rocket describe their free add-on to Google’s Search Console, which is also free, as “Search Console on rocket fuel.”

That’s a fair enough description, I suppose, although you might be forgiven for thinking that the rocket fuel reference might imply that it performs better than Search console, or faster, and neither of those suppositions would be true. What Console Rocket does do, however, is provide a better and more in depth understanding of the relationships between your keywords, rankings, and your website pages – something which Google Search Console alone fails to provide; leaving you with a blind spot that could be holding you back.

Console Rocker for Google Search Console

Console Rocket’s Page to Keyword Report

Console Rocket claim, rightly so, that the data provided as standard by Google Search Console is fragmented and doesn’t do a very good job of presenting your website data. So what have they done to fix that? Well, it’s mainly down to presentation and analysis, there isn’t any new data, just a vastly imporved range of reports and dashboards to help you get valuable insights from that data that would be difficult to do without Console Rocket.

Some of the features offered by the system include:

Analysis of keywords for pages across your choice of time period
Page Cannibalisation Reporting (not sure what this is)
Click Through Rate (CTR) Modeling
Keyword Flux and Ranking / Page Relationships
Historic reporting for your Search Console data – extends Google’s 90 day limit
Grouping of keywords into Brand / Non-brand groups for easier analysis

I’ve used Console Rocket and found it easy to use and the site offers plenty of help and support in the form of videos, blog posts and tutorials. Setup is easy but it takes a while before data starts to appear. They warn you of this so I just left it for a day to do its stuff and that worked fine. I’m a big fan of Webmaster Tools / Search Console and I am very imporessed by the additional insight and reporting power that Console Rocket brings to the party.

In terms of cost, well that’s the best bit – it is completely free. Not just a limited period free trial but a totally free product that you can keep on using without reaching for your credit card. Excellent. The company explains its generosity by pointing out that they are part of a company called Linkdex – a very sophisticated data analytics platform that is used by larger businesses and marketing agencies. Naturally they expect some users of Console Rocket to become users of Linkdex as well although the relatively high cost of the big brother product will undoubtedly put it out of reach for most small businesses. Shame, I’ve taken a look and it looks really good but it will probably only be a case of window shopping for most, having, as it does, an entry level of £600/month.

Nonetheless, it’s never a good idea to look a gift horse in the mouth and Console Rocket is a top-class product that any business, regardless of size or bank balance, can use for free. Thanks Linkdex, nice one!

Console Rocket

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