Tubics YouTube Optimisation & Management Tool

As YouTube gradually makes its presence felt as a marketing channel, rather than just a place of entertainment, it follows that it becomes more important to have a YouTube presence for your business and then to make sure it is properly optimised – Tubics YouTube Channel Optimisation platform is the tool to do just that.

All you need is a YouTube channel and, preferably, at least one uploaded video in order for Tubics to do its stuff.

Setting it up is fairly straightforward – just log in with your Google account and Tubics will link to your YouTube channel automatically. It will then carry out a audit of what you have so far and make very useful suggestions as to how you might improve your channel as a whole and the individual videos that are uploaded onto your channel.

When you have the help you need to improve your YouTube channel you can turn your efforts towards improving your performance in search engine results – yes, Google now shows videos in the search engine results but only if they are properly optimised.

See how visible your videos are for the keywords that are important to you using the Tubics YouTube Rank Tracking Tool. It will also collect keyword suggestions to help improve your video’s visibility still further.

Tubics is free for personal use

Yes, you can sign up for free and optimise your YouTube channel for free. Additional channels will need a paid plan option and they start at $20/month for the “Pro” plan which lets you manage 2 YouTube channels. There are higher level plans for the more serious user and for agencies.


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