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TubeBuddy – The YouTube Marketer’s Ideal Companion

TubeBuddy is a YouTube Channel marketers ideal gadget. It lets you optimise and manage your YouTube channel without having to commit major mantime to the task.

With TubeBuddy you canget your videos ranked higher in search results which will lead to your videos receiving more views and provining you with more leads and website traffic that should convert at a healthy rate. The platform also includes a number of research tools, including a YouTube keyword research tool, to help you to find those elusive long-tail search terms that will better target what people are searching for on YouTube.

Video tags are an important part of a YouTube videos optimisation process but it is suprising just how many people do not use them enough, or at all so TubeBuddy’s Trending Tags facility will help you to optimise the video properly and to keep your videos relevant long after they are published. There’s also a useful “suggested tags” tag finder option that will suggest suitable tags to drive more traffic to your video.

TubeBuddy Tag Finder

There’s also an interesting variation of the traditional keyword rank tracking tool, (it has one of those as well), the Tag Ranking tool:

TubeBuddy Tag Ranking

Other tag tools include a sorter, tag lister and a tag translator.

All in all this is a useful tool for anyone wishing to build or enhance their YouTube channel. There’s a free Chrome extension for TubeBuddy as well – heres the link for that. Tubebuddy is a paid platform with plans starting at $9 per month.

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Paid with free chrome browser extension.

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Plans start at $9/month.


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