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BirdSeed Website Engagement Tool

BirdSeed fills a need that many website owners don’t even know that they have – the need to keep people on their websites for longer and to provide ways in which those visitors can engage with the site’s content.

Anyone who uses Google Analytics, and, yes, I do occasionally come across people who don’t, will know that there is one annoying metric which keeps cropping up and which is quite difficult to do anyhing about – it’s name, which shall not be spoken, is Bounce Rate – there, I spoke it, nevermind. If someone visits a website, takes the briefest of looks around on the landing page and then buggers off, then they are clocked up as a “bounce” in Google’s eye.

Google doesn’t like bouncers, (no not the guys who stop you going into night clubs with your 60s loon pants on), but people who find your site in a search results page, or worse still, an ad, and then don’t really engage with the website when they get there. Why doesn’t Google like bouncers? – because its a wasted click which could have been given to a different site which would have given a better experience to the visitor. You can almost feel your ranking in Google slipping away when your bounce rate is high, (over 15%).

All of which is a rather long preamble to this BirdSeed review. Birdseed is a suite of tools that can be employed to provide ways to keep visitors on your website for longer, increase interest and engagement and, yes, reduce Bounce Rate.

BirdSeed turns your website into A 24/7 lead generation machine.





Quiz Works Online Quiz Creator

Since it became better known that quizzes, competitions, questionnaires and surveys were more effective at gaining people’s attention and engagement on Social Media and elsewhere than other types of content, there seems to be an abundance of Quiz making software on the market. Which is good.

Upon closer inspection however, some are better than others and some are quite lame by comparison to the best of breed which, right now, is probably Dialogr.

But what of Online Quiz Creator, what’s on offer there and how does it compare?

Well, the range of quizzes that can be built certainly seems comprehensive and would, I’m sure, meet the needs of most people. Those people requiring something a bit special, more sophisiticated perhaps, might find it runs out of steam but it’s well worth considering before moving onto the more expensive options especially since a free account with limited capability is on offer.

Firstly, Online Quiz Creator lets you create quizzes that can be run on any platform – mobile, tablet or desktop.

Next, it offers a range of variations, as can be seen on the next image:

We’ve tried to build some fairly complex quizzes in this package, so that we can write a meaningful Quiz Works review at some point in the future, and we have been very impressed with the results.

Built In LMS Option.

One of the barriers to delivering online quizzes to customers or, for example, employees within a ompany, has been the need for an LMS – Learning Management System. Historically these have been quite expensive and out of reach for many. Now, Quiz Works have addressed that with Online Quiz Creator which has its own low cost LMS.

A range of plans to suit all types of organisation.

Online Quiz Creator offers a completely free of charge entry level plan (known as the “Tiny Owl” plan) which should be more than adequate for you to evauate the package with. Paid plans, which open up more options, begin at $20/month for the “Smart Owl” plan and go up to the $99/month “Corporate Owl”.

Online Quiz Creator – Pricing & Plan Details

There’s also the option of a free demo – guided by one of their staff, to really show you what the package can do. You will also find a range of sample quizzes for you to try.

This is a major breakthrough in quiz making software that doesn’t cost a fortune or need an IT team to operate. It’s relatively cheap and very easy to use – we recommend Online Quiz Creator as being at least “worth a look” – here’s the link:

See other quiz creation tools here: 


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Free Trial Available?

Yes, plus a totally free account with limited facilities.


Paid Plans start at $39/month.


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