LiveWebinar – More Than Just Webinar Hosting

LiveWebinar – The Webinar Platform that has Everything

LiveWebinar is a comprehensive webinar hosting and management package that delivers your seminars, meetings, training sessions and other get-togethers with a range of supporting features to make the audience feel that it was time well spent.

LiveWebinar is cloud based so there’s no installation or download required – LiveWebinar helps you start making killer presentations to support your sales funnel and other requirements right away (without calling the IT team!).

Host meetings under your own domain and add your own customised branding to take your meetings and webinars to the next level with audio, video, and presentations on one platform.

Make use of the chat option to answer questions from participants and to send messages and attachments to the webinar attendees as well as to moderate the real time discussions to help keep things on track.

Are you working with a global team?

If you are then the LiveWebinar translation feature helps you translate conversations in to more than 100 different languages without lifting a finger – well almost.

You can also use private messages to communicate with your team while on the call (no more accidentally sending a message about Susan to Susan. Not that we’ve ever done that).

LiveWebinar’s easy-to-usecustomizable interface helps you do more with live meetings and webinars.

Now you can easiliy run your meetings, training sessions and webinars on any platform and broadcast them to social channels such as Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Get more information on your leads

Use LiveWebinar’s custom registration forms to gather information and redirect the details to your marketing automation platform with smart integrations with tools like Zapier, MailChimp, ConstantContact, and more.

Easily create a call to action with a title, message, and choose how long to show the message to the attendees.

With the CTA button, you can drive attendees to the link of your choice: additional resources, landing pages, your cat’s Instagram page, wherever.

Last, but not least, you can use polls and surveys to get feedback in real-time and keep your audience engaged with your webinar.

Yet more features…….

Now you can also make notes with the LiveWebinar interactive whiteboard feature in order to highlight important points during the presentation and to showcase new products.

LiveWebinar lets you select the features you need for different types of presentations, for example:

  • For interactive meetings, you can set the audio so everyone can speak and join the discussion.
  • For webinar presentations, you can keep the attendees muted until they’re prompted.
  • No more asking someone to go on mute if they’re going to microwave their lunch or have a dog that wants to play fetch during the webinar.
  • Want to connect or collaborate more privately? Set up breakout rooms within your presentation to connect with attendees and discuss or work on separate tasks.

LiveWebinar – Pricing & Plan Details

There’s a free trial version which might just be enough for the smallest or simplest of businesses and organisations (up to 5 attendees), but the paid plans start at £9.60/month which gives you up to 100 attendees – enough for most small operators.

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