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Wicked Reports describes themselves as a “subscription-based marketing analytics company.” Their proposition is firmly based on the basis of it being good data which drives good marketing decisions.

Anyone who has ever tried to really get to grips with analysing a business’ marketing data and drawing sensible, solid, concusions from that data – which often comes from multiple sources of differing levels of complexibility and reliability – will appreciate what Wicked Reports has to offer.

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Get more from your marketing data with Wicked Reports

The return on your marketing investment is the only way to be sure about what’s working and what’s not working in your sales funnel. The Wicked Reports platform makes use of your data, produced by your CRM, to accurately tie your various marketing programs to actual sales by correctly identifying the last click made before a purchase took place.

This approach lets you accurately see the real ROI for your online campaigns and your email marketing programs. There’s no doubt, it is good to be able to ask your computer which campaigns are really delivering the goods on sales and to get that information quickly.

Is Wicked Reports complex to set up?

Wicked Reports uses its own tracking tag to track marketing links without the need for any coding, sorting or filtering and tells you when to send eyour mails at the most productive and effective time. They claim that their tracking process is more accurate than google Analytics and those found within Facebook ads, AdWords and so on. All of that helps you to put more of your marketing budget into those campaigns that deliver sales and avoid wasting money on those that don’t.

So, if you are ready to really improve the return on investment of your marketing efforts, by having access to this level of detail in your marketing reports, it’s probably time to take a serious look at Wicked Reports and scale your business by 2x, 3x or even more!

What does it cost to get Wicked Reports for your business?

This is not a product for the faint hearted, it is powerful and, for those who need it, worth every penny. However, it isn’t cheap. They have an entry level plan which is $149/month, not bad until you realise that they want it annually up front – so the big advantage of being able to use it and stop when you like doesn’t really apply to the smaller organisations who would be likely to use this plan. The next plan up, which can be billed monthly, is $299/month.

It’s true that, in the right hands, a product like this will save you serious money and let you upscale your marketing considerably, to such an extent that the cost of the software becomes irrelevant. The pakage, however, is not trivial in terms of the level of skill needed to use it properly so your investment is not likely to be restricted to just the cost of the plan.

Is there a free trial for Wicked Reports?

There’s no free trial, just a one to one demo, the tell-tale sign of any business who feels that their potential customers might not be able to do the cost/benefit calculation for themselves and make a decision. Although I’m not happy about this type of arrangement, on balance, this is still a platform well worth checking out.

Wicked Reports

Where To Find It
Product Type
Web Reporting Platform
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
$149/month starter level, payable annually only


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