If-So is a WordPress plugin that enables you to deliver dynamic content on your webpages that is relevant to individual visitors based on their search terms, location, behaviour, actions and profile.

With pages optimised in this way with If-So, your visitors will engage, convert and buy more!

If-So is an easy to use WordPress plugin that allows you to vary the content seen by individual visitors to your site so that their experience is more relevant and enjoyable for them. This will help to reduce Bounce Rate – a known factor in ranking on Google and other search engines. People are not the same, your website visitors are not the same, so why show them the same content?

You can set conditions to show different content for a number of different factors, including:

  • Geolocation – Set content according to the visitor’s country, city, state, or continent
  • Date Range – Schedule content changes between a range of dates
  • Schedule – Schedule content according to the time of the day and day of the week
  • Browser Language Settings – Attract attention by displaying messages in the visitor’s own language
  • Dynamic Link – You can show specific content to visitors arriving from a custom link
  • Referral Source – Customize the page’s content to visitors referred from a chosen domain or webpage
  • Device Type – Load different content on desktops, tablets, or mobiles
  • Returning visitors – Replace calls to action and other content according to the number of visits a user made to the site
  • Time Zone – Show different content to visitors from different time zones
  • Pages visited – Show customised content to visitors who have visited a chosen page on your website
  • A/B Testing – Optimize content by split testing two to four content variations
  • Search term – You can tailor the landing page according to the user’s search term – very powerful! Effective landing pages ensure that the words used in their copy match the keywords and text used in their PPC keywords and ads. Repeating the same language and key phrases reassures visitors that they’re on the right path and shows consistency – Great for optimising your Google Ads campaigns and improving Quality Score.
  • IP Address – With If-So you can change content based on the user’s IP address.
  • Cookies – allows you to add or replace content based on a cookie name or value
  • User role – This allows you to show content on your site based on the user’s role

You Can Set Dynamic Content in Minutes

You would expect something as powerful as this to involve lots of complex coding which means having t hire expensive developers but with If-so that is just not the case! This WordPess plugin is installed in minutes and works intuitively to help you get results quickly.

Minimal Pageload Delay Which Provides a Smooth User Experience

As powerful as it is, If-So does not impose huge processing overheads on your site – in fact, you’ll hardly notice it is there.

If-So Comes With Powerful Analytics

If-So Analytics

The built-in analytics module enables you to see how your content performs, how many times each version of the page content was viewed and how it affected conversion rate, bounce rate and other important metrics.

If-So Pricing

There is a free trial version to enable you to get the feel of If-so. Paid plans start at $139 for a lifetime licence – great value. Here’s the pricing page: https://www.if-so.com/plans/


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